Abkürzungen in der Seefahrt und Navigation

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Abkürzungen, die in der Seefahrt und Navigation sowie beim Seefunk, Lotsendienst, Schiffsverkehrsdienst und im Hafenbetrieb benutzt werden.


AAIC Accounting Authoity Identification Code.
AHP Above Head of Passes
AIS Automatic Identification System.
ALC Articulated Loading Column.
ALP Articulated Loading Platform.
AM Amplitude Modulation.
AMVER Automated Mutal Assistance Vessel Rescue System.
AOH After Office Hours.
AOR-E Atlantic Ocean region (East).
AOR-W Atlantic Ocean region (West).
ASL Archipelagic Sea Lane.
ATBA Area to be Avoided.
ATLAS Autonomous Temperature Line Acquisition System.


BBC British Broadcasting Corporation.
BC-Code Code of safe practice for Solid Bulk Cargo.
Bcst Broadcast.
Bn Beacon.
BOA Beam Over All.
brg Bearing.


CALDOVREP A mandatory ship reporting system for the Dover Strait TSS.
CALM Caneary Anchor Leg Mooring.
CBM Conventional Buoy Mooring.
CBT Clean Ballast Tanks.
CDC Certain Dangerous Cargo.
CERS Consolidated European Reporting System.
CES Coast Earth Station.
CG Coastguard.
CGOC Coastguard Operations Centre.
CHA Competent Harbour Authority.
CLC Certificate of Liability Cover.
CNIS Channel Navigation Information Service.
COTP Captain of the Port.
CRS Coast Radio Station.
CVTS Co-operative Vessel Traffic System.


DART Deep-ocean Assessment and Reporting Tsunamis.
DF Direction Finding.
DG Degaussing.
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System.
Dir Lt Direction Light
DMA DynamicManagement Area.
DPG Dangerous and Polluting Goods.
DR Dead Reckoning.
DSC Digital Selective Calling.
DSHA Dangerous Substancesin Harbour Areas.
DST Daylight Saving Time.
DW Deep Water.
dwt deadweight tonnage.
DZ Danger Zone.


E east (easterly, eastward, eastern, easternmost).
ECDIS Electronic Chart Display and Information System.
EEZ Exlusive Economic Zone.
ELSBM Exposed Location Single Buoy Mooring.
EMSA European Maritime Safety Agency.
ENC Electronic Navigational Chart.
ENE East-North-East.
EPIRB Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon.
ESE East-South-East.
ESSA Environmentally Sensitive Sea Area.
ETA Estimated time of Arrival.
ETD Estimated time of Departure.


FAD Fish Aggregating Device.
FDPSO Floating, Drilling, Production, Storage and Offloading.
feu forty foot equivalent unit.
FM Frequency Modulation.
FPSO Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading.
FPU Floating Production Unit.
FSO Flating, Storage and Offloading.
ft foot (feet).


GMDSS Global Maritim Distress and Safty System.
GMT Greenwich Mean Time.
GPS Global Positioning System.
GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic.
grt gross register tonnage.
gt gross tonnage.


HAT Highest Astronomical Tide.
HF High Frequency.
HFPB High Focal Plane Buoy
hm hectometre.
HMCG Her Majesty's Coastguard.
HMS Her Majesty's Ship.
HN Night service only.
hp horse power.
hPa hectopascal.
Hr Mr Harbour Master.
HSC High-Speed Craft.
HW High Water.


IALA International Association of Lighthouse Authorities.
IBC Code International Bulk Carriers Code.
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation.
Ident Identification Signal.
IGC Code International Gas Carriers Code.
IHO International Hydrographic Organization.
IMB International Maritime Bureau.
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.
IMN Immarsat Mobile Number.
IMO International Maritime Organization.
IMSO International Mobile Satelilite Organization.
INF Code International code for the safe carriage of Irradiated Nuclear Fuel.
IOPP International Oil Pollution Prevention.
IOR Indian Ocean Region.
ISPS International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.
ISSC International Ship Security Certificate.
ITCZ Intertropical Convergence Zone.
ITU International Telecommunication Union.
ITZ Inshore Traffic Zone.


JCG Japan Coast Guard.
JRCC Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre.


kHz kilohertz.
kn knots.
kW kilowatt.


LANBY Large Automatic Navigation Buoy.
LAT Lowest Astronimical Tide.
LBP Length Between Perpendiculars.
Ldg Leading.
LES Land Earth Station.
LF Low Frequency.
LFl Long Flash
LHG Liquefied Hazardous Gas.
LMT Local Mean Time.
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas.
LOA Length Over All.
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
LPS Local Port Service.
LR Lioyds Register.
LRIT Long Range Identification and Tracking.
LT Local Time.
Lt Light.
Lt F Light Float.
Lt Ho Light House.
Lt V Light Vessel.
LW Low Water.


MAREP Mariner Reporting System.
MARPOL International Conventionfor the Prevention of Pollutionfrom Ships.
mb millibar.
MBM Multi Buoy Mooring.
MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
MCTS Marine Communications and Trafic Services Centre.
MF Medium Frequency.
MGN Marine Guidance Note.
MHz Megahertz.
MHHW Mean Higher High Water.
MHLW Mean Higher Low Water.
MHW Mean High Water.
MHWN Mean High Water Neaps.
MHWS Mean High Water Springs.
MLHW Mean Lower High Water.
MLLW Mean Lower Low Water.
MLW Mean Low Water.
MLWN Mean Low Water Neaps.
MLWS Mean Low Water Springs.
MMSI Maritime Mobile Service Identify.
MoU Memorandum of Understanding.
MRCC Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre.
MRSC Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre.
MSI Maritime Safety Information.
MSL Mean Sea Level.
MSN Merchant Shipping Notice.
MV Motor Vessel.
MW Megawatt.
MY Motor Yacht.


N north (northerly, northward, northern, northernmost).
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
Navtex Navigational Telex System.
NBDP Narrow-Band Direct-Printing.
NDZ No Discharge Zone.
NE North-East.
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
NMOC National Maritime Operations Centre.
NNE North-North-East.
NNW North-North-West.
No Number.
NOAA National Ocenic and Atmospheric Administration.
NOR Notice Of Readiness.
nt net tonnage.
NW North-West.


OBO Oil Bulk Ore.
OBQ On Board Quantity.
Occas Occasional.
OCIMF Oil Companies International Maritime Forum.
ODAS Ocean Data Acquisition System.
OPL Off Port Limits.
OREI Offshore Renewable Energy Installations.
OTF Optimum Transmitting Frequency.


PEC Pilotage Exemption Certificate.
PEL Port Entry Light.
PFSO Port Facility Security Officer.
PLEM Pipe Line End Manifold.
PMSC Port Marine Safety Code.
POP Persons On Board.
POL Petrol, Oil & Lubricants.
POR Pacifik Ocean Region.
PSSA Particularly Sensitive Sea Area.
PTTI Precise Time and Time Interval.
PV Pilot Vessel.
PWC Personal Watercraft.


QHM Queen's Harbour Master.


RCC Rescue Co-ordination Centre.
RMS Royal Mail Ship.
RN Royal Navy.
RoRo Roll-on, Roll-off.
RT Radio Telephony.
RTTY Radio Teletype.
Rx Receiver.


S south (southerly, southward, southern, southernmost).
SALM Single Anchor Leg Mooring system.
SALS Single Anchor Leg Storage system.
SAR Search and Rescue.
Satnav Satellite navigation.
SBM Single Buoy Mooring.
SBP Shore Based Pilotage.
SBT Segregated Ballast Tanks.
SCAC Standard Carrier Alpha Code.
SE South-East.
SEN Ship Entry Notice.
SHA Statutory Harbour Authority.
SITOR Simplex Telex Over Radio.
SMA Seasonal Management Area.
SOLAS Safety Of Life at Sea.
SPM Single Point Mooring.
sq square.
SRR Search and Rescue Region.
SRS Ship Reporting System.
SS Steamship.
SSB Single SideBand.
SSCC Ship Sanitation Control Certificate.
SSCEC Ship Sanitation Control Exemption Certificate.
SSE South-South-East.
SSW South-South-West.
STL Submerged Turret Loading.
Stn Station.
STS Ship To Ship.
SW South-West.
SWATH Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull Ship.
SWL Safe Working Load.


Tel Telephone.
teu twenty foot equivalent unit.
TLX Telex.
TOR Telex Over Radio.
Tr Tower.
TRITON Triangle Trans-Ocean Buoy Network.
TSS Traffic Separation Scheme.
Tx Transmitter, Transmission.


UHF Ultra High Frequency.
UKC Under-Keel Clearance.
UKHO UK Hydrographic Office.
ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier.
UQ Ultra Quick flashing
UT Universal Time.
UTC Co-ordinated Universal Time.


V-AIS Virtual Automatic Identification System.
VDR Voyage Data Recorder.
VHF Very High Frequency.
VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier.
VLF Very Low Frequency.
VMRS Vessel Movement Reporting System.
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal.
VTC Vessel Traffic Centre.
VTIS Vessel Traffic Information Service.
VTM Vessel Traffic Management.
VTMS Vessel Traffic Management System.
VTMIS Vessel Traffic Management and Informations System.
VTS Vessel Traffic System.


W west (westerly, westward, western, westernmost).
WGS World Geodetic System.
WMO World Meterorological Orgenization.
WNW West-North-West.
WSDs Waterways and Shipping Directorates
WSW West-South-West.
WT Radio (Wireless) Telegraphy.
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